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Waterproof Outdoor Advertising Display

Waterproof Outdoor Advertising Display

You can rest assured to buy customized Qixin® Waterproof Outdoor Advertising Display from us. We can supply not only Waterproof Outdoor Advertising Display but also LED light source and Scrolling system for update fluorescent lamp box or Static box. Also we can produce many kind of bus shelters: AC bus shelter, Long bus shelter, Closed bus shelter, beach shelter, station shelter, bus shelter with led screen, bus shelter with lcd screen, smart bus shelter , ATM bus shelter, Wifi and USB bus shelter, bike or car shed, etc.

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Ningbo Qixin is one of the manufacturers and suppliers specializing in metal manufacturing, providing various customized display advertising ip65 outdoor lcd display manufacturing services and assembly. OEM or ODM display advertising ip65 outdoor lcd display can be made according to customer requirements. We have our own factory in China, and the products made in China are of high quality, durable and easy-maintainable. We have a professional management team, they pay attention to the production cycle of each order, they update import and export goods and report the process to customers in time. Every step is strictly checked to ensure timely delivery. Our products are the newest, if you want to buy, we can provide you with a price list. You can buy advanced and classy products at low prices or cheap price, what are you waiting for.
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