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  • 1 Do not stand on the tool box or drawer to avoid accidents; 2 The weight of the object should not exceed the maximum weight of the drawer;


  • The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the amount of waste in the community. The amount of garbage has decreased these days, but the number of used masks has increased significantly.


  • The surface of the stainless steel Bus Shelter is dusty and easy to remove dirt, and can be washed with soap, weak washing agent or warm water. Small ads on the surface of the stainless steel waiting kiosk are washed with warm water and weak washing agents. After cleaning with a soft cloth, use a neutral detergent or ammonia solution or special detergent.


  • With the development of the city, many cities have high requirements for bus shelter, and the stainless steel bus shelter is the first choice for these cities, then the stainless steel bus shelter also needs maintenance and maintenance.


  • Solar Bus Shelter as one of the infrastructure of urban traffic, reliable structural design, functional design is also one of the important indicators of the solar warehouse.


  • Bus Shelter as important urban public transportation facilities, widely used in various cities. Number of bus warning booths can not be underestimated every day. Therefore, the solar midst of the sun has become more choices.