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What tools do I need to prepare before installing the bus shelter?


With the increasing development of the city's public transport, the bus shelter has developed into an indispensable part of the city, so what preparations should be made before the bus shelter is installed?

1. Transportation and storage requirements for bus shelter
Safety measures such as anti-overturning, anti-shock and damage to the protective surface should be taken during the hoisting and transportation of the bus shelter. If necessary, some spare parts and vulnerable components can be removed and packaged separately for transportation. When there are special requirements for the shelter, it should also meet the requirements of the product technical documents.

2. On-site inspection of bus shelters

   a. The parts of the package should be packaged and sealed well.

   b. After the bus shelter is transported to the station, it should be unpacked in time to check whether the model and specification meet the design requirements, and whether the accessories and spare parts are complete.

   c. Whether the technical documents of the product are complete (pre-embedded drawings, size drawings, renderings).

   d. The appearance inspection of the bus shelter should be intact.

   e. Some products that cannot be installed temporarily should be stored indoors or in a dry place that can avoid rain, snow, wind and sand, and protective measures should be taken.

   f. During the storage period of some products, regular inspections and protection work should be done.

3. The tools that need to be prepared before the installation of the bus shelter

   a. Select 1-2 suitable cranes according to the length and weight of the platform (supporting bandages, cables, U-shaped snap rings)

   b. The light box part requires m16 nut sleeve (24 sleeve)

   c. The ceiling part requires a pry bar with a diameter of 16*1000 round steel

   d. Column fixing screws need m18 screw wrench (27 wrench)

   e. The shape of the decorative strip requires a hand drill and is equipped with a self-tapping sleeve